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Articles Requiring Ethics Committee Permission

We present below information that we think will help TRDizine, based on the frequently asked questions. QUESTION: Is ethics committee approval required for all articles? Answer: No. In the criteria, it is stated as "articles that require the permission of the Ethics Committee." Studies that require the approval of the Ethics Committee are as follows. All studies with qualitative or quantitative approaches require data collection from the participants using surveys, interviews, focus group work, observation, experiment, and interview techniques. Use of humans and animals (including material/data) for experimental or other scientific purposes, Clinical studies on humans, Research on animals, Retrospective studies by the law on personal data protection, In addition; Indicating that an "informed consent form" has been received in case of reports, Obtaining and specifying permission from the owners for the Use of scales, questionnaires, photographs belonging to others, Indicating that copyright regulations are complied with for the intellectual and artistic works used. Is Ethics Committee Permission required? Answer: Retrospective ethics committee approval is not required for articles published before 2020, produced from postgraduate/doctoral studies (must be specified in the article), applied for publication to the journal in the previous year, and accepted but not yet published. QUESTION: Are there any restrictions on publications made outside universities with these rules of the TR Index? Answer: No. Non-university researchers can also apply to the Ethics Committees in their regions. ALSO: Journals should state that they comply with the rules regarding "Publication Ethics," "Research Ethics," and "Legal/Special Permission Obtaining" by referring to international standards by opening a separate heading for each one, both on the web page and in the printed journal. The issue of compliance with publication ethics in journals should not be left to the authors' sole responsibility; the path to be followed in journal publication ethics should be clearly defined. In articles to be published in journals, whether ethics committee permission or legal/special permission is required should be stated in the article. If it is necessary to obtain these permissions, it should be presented from which institution, on what date, and with what decision or issue number. If the study requires the Use of human and animal subjects, it should be declared that the international declaration, guidelines, etc. carried out the study. It is essential to complete the studies on the mentioned issues this year and correct the deficiencies, if any, as soon as possible. Regards.

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